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Post by Coolguy on Sun Mar 30, 2008 2:15 pm

Given below is information on all the groups of the forum and how to join them

Please do not make threads asking the location of any forums because all the reasons are mentioned in this topic

1st Group-The members~

All registered users come under this group.These members are the normal users of this forum and have limited abilities.
There are seven ranks according to the number of posts made by the members:-
Hatchling Every one starts out with this rank
Forum Child 50 posts needed
Forum Adult 150 posts needed
Forum Addict 300 posts needed
Forum Dragon 550 posts needed
Post monster 850 posts needed
Forum Master 100 posts needed

2nd Group-The Elite Members~

Only members that are very helpful to the forum and have been here for quite a long time are promoted to this group.This group has lot of advantages such as the Roms forum ,Plug your board forum and the Emulation/Hardware sub forum(This is the place where all the emulators are placed)is visible

3rd Group-Review Members~

This group includes those members who are very good at writing reviews for any sort of games.To get to this group the administrators will perform a competition every month and on that basis members will be appointed as review team members

4th Group-Staff~

These are the assistant moderators of the forum.If needed some members are promoted to this group when either the moderator spots are full or the forum needs assistant moderators

5th Group-Moderators~

These members are moderators of the forum.Only members who have a reported many rule breaking posts and by being a well behaved member are promoted to this group

6th Group-Global Moderators~

Only moderators are appointed to this group so normal members need not worry about this group.Once the moderators have shown that they are ready to take on more responsibilities they will be promoted to G-mod group

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